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Jumping Arenas, Dressage Arenas,

All Purpose Sand Arenas & lunge Rings

Through the love and passion for horses our family business has mastered the art of building horse arenas. We put emphasis on the comfort and safety of the horses by using both quality sand and construction practices.

We offer full installation and personalize each arena to suit both the needs of the horse and the rider. Each arena is designed to personal specification, right the way from the size of the arena to the quality of the sand, thus fitting your riding requirements and your budget.

Our focus is on establishing the customer’s needs, hopes and expectations along with their budget to determine the best way forward for each individual.


Horse arena sizes

All types of arenas are available: Jumping arenas, Dressage arenas and Grass arenas. The size required is entirely up to you.


Standard arena sizes are:


The process

As in any type of construction, building a properly functioning equestrian arena means doing the fundamentals correctly from the beginning.


Standard arena sizes are:

1. EXCAVATION - the site is cut and filled as needed to create a level arena with a 5% slope to aid drainage.
2. EARTHWORKS & COMPACTION – the site is then properly surveyed and a grid of levels are taken so as to ensure accuracy. The existing earth is moved around and compacted in layers in order to create a solid working platform with the correct falls and cross-falls.
3. SUBSOIL DRAINAGE – once a suitable foundation has been created we install a sub-soil drainage system. (optional, but suggested)
4. LEVELING – the site is graded and level accordingly.
5. DELIVERY & COMPACTION OF DECOMPOSED GRANITE – Decomposed granite is then delivered, spread (approx 100-150mm thick, again this is to the customers preference and budget) This is then rolled and compacted along with cement for stabilization.
6. CLEAN UP & FINISHINGS – Options are available with regards to the finished product. Curbing and fencing are optional. (view our gallery for finish options)




We also offer a wide range of Products/services such as:

• rubber chips (this is mixed with top quality Umgeni Sand, which allows for more spring when placing hooves.
• coarse and fine sand
• arena fencing & curbing
• arena repairs & resurfacing

We provide all the materials and the machinery to do the job, which not only saves you money but time as well.